Lifted Trucks for Sale

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Lifted trucks for sale, what to look for when buying one, and how to get the best price.

Lifted trucks for sale

Introduction to lifted trucks for sale

Lifted or jacked up trucks are generally pickup or similar body style vehicles that have a lift kit installed. The lift kit typically consists of body spacers and other components that when installed make lifted trucks. Usually compensation must be made for the driveline and steering angles. The lift may be as few as a couple inches with simple lift blocks, or it may be more extreme such as eighteen inches or more.

These vehicles may be gasoline powered although lifted diesel trucks for sale are also often found. Diesel trucks are often preferred for rock climbing and other activities because the engine produces more torque at lower speed than an equivalent displacement gasoline engine.

4x4 lifted trucks for sale

Normally four wheel drive is preferred, such as is the case with lifted 4x4 trucks for sale. Then the vehicle might be used for mud bogging, rock crawling competitions and other fun events. Two wheel drive trucks can also be lifted but have limited functionality.

Lifted trucks for sale are typically solid axle, at least in the rear. Some of these vehicles will have independent front suspension (IFS), although serious lifters typically prefer the front axle to be solid as well. Any brand truck can be used. Lifted Ford trucks are common. Chevy lifted trucks are often found for sale as well. Even import brands such as Toyota are relatively common.

What to look for in a lifted truck for sale

Since lifted trucks for sale have typically been modified from their original condition, a thorough inspection by a competent mechanic is suggested. Sometimes amateur lifts leave out critical considerations and may be unsafe.

Some areas have special safety inspection requirements for lifted trucks for sale. These may include a special sticker or certification after inspection and may be required to register or insure the vehicle.

How to find used lifted trucks for sale

One place to look is in our lifted trucks for sale listings section of the site. People can list their vehicle for sale in this section so it may be worth a look.

This type of vehicle can often be found in publications such as Auto Trader. Also auction sites will commonly list them for sale. Local publications such as newspapers sometimes list them in classifieds. The observant buyer may also spot them for sale in yards around town. There are also web sites listing lifted trucks for sale. Advertisements for these sites are often seen on websites.

used lifted trucks for sale

Drivetrain on lifted 4x4 trucks for sale

Sometimes the rear differential will have an air locker installed. This mechanism allows the unit to function as a normal open differential, and, then, when needed, air pressure from an onboard compressor can be applied to lock both output shafts of the unit together.

This setup is often used for mud bogging and rock climbing. The front differential in a 4x4 lifted truck for sale can also be an air locker. The transfer case takes the power from the engine and distributes it to the front and rear differentials.

How to Inspect Lifted Trucks for Sale By Owner

Usually, jacked up trucks are sold by their owners, since most truck manufacturers do not offer trucks configured this way. Some truck manufacturers do offer genuine lift kits up to about six inches.

Therefore, it is important to have a truck with a lift kit inspected by a competent mechanic before purchase. In some localities, lifted trucks or trucks for mud bogging must pass a special safety inspection before being permitted to operate on public roadways.

Sometimes, when lift kits exceeding a few inches are installed, various components can be stressed or extended beyond their normal operating range. A common example is the steering shaft as it goes to the steering gear box. Another common example is the driveshaft U joints. Sometimes a different driveshaft that is rated to handle the steeper angle is needed, such as a unit from High Angle Driveline.

Conclusion for lifted trucks for sale

This type of truck isn't for everyone, but it does have a loyal following and can be practical as well as fun. Through careful planning and research, you can find the lifted truck for sale you are seeking and enjoy years of satisfaction and fun from it.

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