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Here's how to find diesel trucks for sale. Diesel trucks are highly functional vehicles that produce a relatively large amount of torque useful for towing, construction, and other uses.

Many people prefer diesel trucks over other types such as gasoline powered for their power, efficiency, and sometimes even sound.

4x4 diesel trucks for sale

Introduction to finding diesel trucks for sale

First, you need to know whether you are looking for a new diesel truck for sale or perhaps whether a used one would better suit your requirements. If you would like a new truck, then a dealership for the manufacturer of your choice would be the place to find it. For example that is where a new Duramax diesel truck would be purchased at a dealership selling Chevrolet and GMC trucks.

Finding used diesel trucks for sale

If you decide that you'd prefer to look for used diesel trucks for sale, then your options open up a bit. Common places to find this truck for sale would be local newspaper classified ads, auction sites such as eBay, and specialty vehicle publications such as Auto Trader. Also you could try the diesel trucks for sale listings section on this site; it is free to list vehicles for sale there.

Used diesel trucks can also be purchased from a new truck dealership. The dealer may have certified pre-owned trucks available. Some buyers find extra assurance in the pre-owned programs because they often include a warranty of some type. Dealers obtain these vehicles from lease returns, trade-ins and other sources.

What to look for in diesel trucks for sale by owner

Some people prefer to look for diesel trucks for sale by their owner. This route is typically the least expensive, since private party truck sales generally command a lower price than from a dealer. The dealer needs to cover overhead, showroom costs, advertising, reconditioning, and other costs.

used diesel trucks for sale

Like any used vehicle, however, a test drive and inspection by a competent diesel mechanic is recommended. It should be a mechanic who is experienced and knowledgeable in diesel engines, since certain makes, models and years have particular concerns that should be checked.

The test drive and inspection should reveal most of the pre-existing problems with the truck. Then these issues can be good points of negotation with the seller to get a lower price. And in this tactic is often used to obtain diesel trucks for sale cheap.

The title to the diesel truck for sale must be inspected carefully when purchasing from an owner to make sure the title is clean and has no liens or other encumberances. In some states, you can check with the Department of Motor Vehicles to see when the last certificate of title was issued for the vehicle. If the date on the title the owner is presenting to you is earlier than the latest title issued, be careful since that title may no longer be a valid instrument.

Common issues found in used 4x4 diesel trucks

Any used vehicle can have issues and trucks are no different. 4x4 diesel trucks for sale should be checked carefully for issues with the drivetrain. Sometimes problems can occur with the transfer case if the tires did not match properly or the vehicle was towed improperly. The transfer case has a gear oil or other lubricant that needs to be serviced per the manufacturer's recommendations in the owner's manual.

On trucks that have independent front or rear suspension, the boots on the cv joints may be ripped. If the truck was used for off-road purposes, the upper and/or lower ball joints may be loose and in need of replacement. Some trucks utilize hub oil which should be serviced per the manufacturer's recommendations, particularly if the vehicle was ever driven in deep water such as crossing a stream. Also the vehicle should be checked to be sure it is not flood damaged.

Some owners turn the vehicle into a diesel lifted trucks for sale. Lifted trucks are popular, but the customization work needs to be inspected carefully to be sure it was done properly and is safe to drive. Lifting a truck can require things such as the steering column to be lengthened and so on, although sometimes these important steps are skipped in the process.

If the diesel truck for sale has a manual transmission, the clutch should be inspected. Since diesel trucks produce relatively high amounts of torque at low engine speed, a drive inexperienced in using a manual transmission can ruin a clutch in a short time, particularly if using it for towing.

The front and rear differentials on diesel trucks contain gear oil that should be serviced periodically, particularly if used for towing. Some manufacturers recommend higher film strength gear oil such as 75W140 be used when towing. The rear differential on rear wheel drive trucks might be a nice model such as the Dana 70 and would be expensive to replace if damaged.

diesel trucks for sale cheap

If the used gear oil looks like pudding, it is burned and may not have provided adequate protection to the gears. In this case the differential gears can overheat and become blued. Excess metal fragments or shavings in the gear oil can indicate damage to the gears. Some amount of fine metallic dust is normal.

Conclusion for diesel trucks for sale

To wrap up, diesel trucks are very useful and practical, and yet at the same time can be very sporty and fun, particularly with late model trucks. Many people claim they would drive nothing else.

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